Monday, July 10, 2006

drinking the juices of rotting leaves and choking new born chicks just to watch them squeal

Back when we were drinking the juices of rotting leaves and choking new born chicks just to watch them squeal, life seemed so wonderful and stressfree. I was almost six.

Omega was eight, Diana, seven, Cherelle, five and Sinave, still a toddler in our care, crawling after us, chewing wandering worms until we noticed and slap it off his dirty fingers.

I return to the blogging world with a renewed zest for life, not quite matured, slightly emancipated, vaguely clueless and forever sentimental, in an amateurish sort of rhythm that captures you and then squashed you gleefully with mismatched ideals and distressing thoughts.

In the past three weeks, we have bought a home, detested the minus two degrees frost in the morning, failed to fix my car heater, dined in Auckland’s Wildfire and woke to the distasteful hours of the morning to a certain French cry for Zinadine Zidane.
Who remains immortal albeit a head butt.

Clearly, the French need heroes, with anger management classes made compulsory for soccer superstars.

In the midst of all this, we celebrated our one year anniversary, being appreciative of the fact that we have come a long way from working shit jobs to make ends meet away from our families in a foreign place. Life has improved immensely.>
A year ago, I was a virgin.

Okay, I lie.

A year ago, I married Frenchy in Marseille under the brilliant Mediterranean sky, witnessed by our families and friends.
Many want to relive their wedding days.

I don’t.

A writer once wrote “A thing of Beauty is joy forever, its loveliness increases, it will never pass”. Beauty being the joining of two hearts, the bonding that lasts, the marriage that says ‘I will never have sex with another human being’.
Yes indeed, that is the hope.
The certainty is uncertain
The guarantee is absent.

But the challenge lie with two people making that commitment.

Without sounding like a broken record, I return now to my dreamlike thoughts of

...Back when we were fishing out of tin cans, soaked with mud water, tanned by leisurely hours of sunshine, awaiting the grown ups at sea, anticipating what they bring, be it sea urchins, small fishes, seashells, jellyfish or a smack in the face and a guarantee that your tiny neck will break if you don’t wash off the mud, go home and read your Holy Bible.


tel said...

Hey darl
sounds like a busy three weeks. Malo lava le onosai for the past year and for the years to come :)
A bit lost on whether you are coming or going with your latest entry, but nonetheless a good read like the rest of them.
Okey dokey take care and alofas to Frenchy from us xxxooo

fotu of samoa said...

Welgum pack baby child (of the corn.. lol)!

You had me worried there for a sec. About both your absence and your pesto virginity. lol.

Happy Anniversary! and keep posting


reesa said...

Congratulations for winning the Matariki Magic category in the Wintec Matariki Wearable Arts show girl. No wonder you've been MIA but good to see you back and read your posts. Now keep 'em comin!

supasta said... @ choking the new born chicks...i have a nice big attractive scar on my vae, as a result of purposely killing a lil chick, then my older cousin threw me a with a farken rock..I was only 5..the idiot was 8 (i think)..darn it..

anywhos.Happy Anniversary darls and many many more anniversaries to come!


Peachy.. said...

Hey at least you had a romantic setting for a wedding my claim to fame is the same courthouse I got married in (Justice of the Peace is the way to go-if your dirt poor)was the same one J-Lo and Ben got their hunting/fishing license when they were visiting the low country of Georgia. ( Back in the days when they were an item.. ) E, ae manuia lava, many more blessed years to come.. Ciao..

dasifi said...

Darlin' it's so good to have you back.

First of all a belated Happy Anniversary to you and Gui.
As you have so aptly put it there are no guarantees in marriage just a sincere hope that the two hearts will remain committed to each other over the years.

Congratz also for winning the Wintec Matariki Contest. Way to go gurl. You are certainly doin' your bit to promote our lil island. Malo lava.

Congratz on da new home and gurl though it has been a while u haven't lost one inch of the blogger in

Keep 'em coming and keep on entering those comps you have a special gift for creativity that your sister Omega swears by.

Take it up to the next level baby gurl and start ur own couture line from the house of JJ.

Take care.

salty said...

i like it!

Shark Girl said...

Lol. I was like flabbergasted at the "I was a virgin". Poootz. Hahaha.

Nice to see your skinny arse back my dear. We've missed you. Missed the cynicism and humor you bring to our lives. Yes, be very very flattered. Ha!

Love to Gui....

Goddess of Savaii said...

thank you my insane counsellors, i love you all from the heart of my..ummm, sorry whatever,..anyway, the bottom line is,
there is never a bottomline, the show must go on and i must go back to work, and strob your making fun of my virkin breedy...chalous!
luv luv,