Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I'm not proud to be a Samoan today

You know how we Samoans are supposedly very prideful of where we come from?
It's a rare thing, because its almost strange when an Australian would say, "I'm proud to be Australian and i love my culture...(well, thats a bad example, coz Aussies come from English exiles and rejects, and they basically raped and murdered off the indigenous 'cultured' Aboriginal people).

The point of the bottomline of the story is,
Being shamed into the corner because a young female Samoan first year dumb ass got wasted at the dorms, removed her polka dotted panties, got screwed by the fijian boys, before running down the stairs singing loudly, stripping to nothingness and yelling "I'm proud to be Samoan, I love Samoa, Fook you all you white madafakas"
The thing is, there were no white madafakas around at that early hour of the morning.
There were only island nation representatives at an ill-planned exam period drink-up.
Ill-fated because the girl screamed enough to wake up the neighbourhood, wardens, academic staff and the cows in the pasture.

When she was comforted that there was enough audience, she rolled starkers down the hallway, singing Samoan melodies while she did acrobatic moves that Kama Sutra have yet to discover.

Meanwhile, one of the males walking back from the labs heard the commotion from outside and ran to his all-male floor, screaming "Drunk nude Samoan girl ...wake up wake up! you can't miss a free show guys" ...thus the crowds got bigger.

To cut the story short, they couldn't bring the girl out, she was delirious, drunk, hyperactive, Kama Sutraic and telefuaring.

So yeah, the Uni Security was called, No luck, so the Ambulance and the POlice had to extract her from the building.
Just imagine two able bodied cops, all prepared to break in, and then the door flips open and she comes running outside for the world to see.

She was definitely a proud Samoan.

Proud being the key word.

She refused to accept any blankets being thrown to cover her sheer nakedness..she was just 'a proud Samoan, so fook off you stupid Bolice, I'm an independent weman'.
Oh yes, LIfe has it's strange twists, and sometimes, we just don't see it coming.
One moment, you are fine with your identity, the next, you just wish you didn't tell anyone that you are also Samoan, and shamefully proud of it, sometimes.

Of course, the next morning, Miss Kama Sutra strolls back to the halls, and into the cafeteria, while everyone stopped, in a hushed mode,

wait for it
she asks "What's up with everyone? They look like they've seen a ghost or sumfing"
'Not just a ghost dear child, they saw a big fat brown naked ghost doing acrobatic flips'