Friday, May 19, 2006

Tell me your dreams honeychild, tell it with meaning...

Thank you thank you for your response Fotu.V, Nydia, Mega, Dasifi(still awaiting Jen, Relle, Reesa, Tel and others who wanna spik deir moind) i'm absorbing all this..and its rather thought-provoking, i.e. meaning i will keep asking you more questions about ICT.

A few years ago, the Lotu Taiti (CCC of Samoa) encouraged churches to introduce computers to their villages.

In my village, the reverend's place has been converted into a computing class every week, with Simon teaching Basic Microsoft applications,...yeah, pisshead Simon in the house of God, teaching innocent sheperds to upload images, hehe..oh yes, ICT has its twisted ironies.
Computers in Lalomalava, wouldya buhlieve it?
But back to the issue at hand,

There is an ICT Committee in Samoa, chaired by Fuatai Purcell, they drew up the ICT Stategies a few years back among IT stakeholders in Sachic.
The whole idea is to embrace the changes and ensure we are not being left behind.
And frankly, I take my hat/TUIGA ILAILA(yes, i'm a sacrificial goddess, don't b chalass) off to people like her (fuatai) and Oketevi, (BOTH WOMEN RUNNING THE ICT SHOW, YAY!!!) for their role in highlighting the plight of third world countries and women.

But then, i worry, oh yes, i fret and worry, when their work is not continued,

And yet, we have so much potential, look at the calibre of bloggers who frequent these cyberalleys, theyre bilingual, intelligent(most of the time when theyre not bitching hehe) and not afraid to speak thier mind,.

What are we waiting for?

And more importantly, Why are we not channelling our potential into constructive and/or worthy platforms?

Are we to be blamed?
Do we point a finger at the ones running the show?
Do we wait for them to care or should we initiate, take action, be proactive and be responsible?

What are you waiting for?
I realise now, the U.N.thousands flushed into constructive discussions online are largely ignored and not accessible to the average sione/sieni.
Maybe they should re assess,
Maybe those highly paid UN workers should be fired, or ummmm, fasi'd.
Maybe we should do something about it.

I'm sure you guys are rolling your eyes now and thinking, Fotu please get back to lipstickchat and bitchfesting', well, i will, thats for sure, but at the same time, why don't we put meaning into these daily blog meanderings???

I need your thoughts, and seriously, I welcome your feedback,..i.e. imagine if dasifi comes up with the new topic next week and we all must comment on it, then nydia fronts up with a pressing issue the following week??

Come to think of it, you guys were all apalled and touched by the loss of two babies a week ago, was it the system? the parenting? the neglect? the hygiene or sheer bad luck? What if others could learn from it if we discussed it constructively?

Theresa's comments echo those of concerned mothers everywhere,
Jen and dasifi seem to be studying (sometimes, hahah), are you under pressure?(prolly not, heheh), inspired to share? unmotivated? challenged?

Nydia, Fotu, Tia are all in samoa working(sometimes), they are living and breathing(the dust at the seawall) the real issues faced by young predifuls after the end of studying abroad? Their experience must surely prepare other graduates, or encourage them to overstay in nz and avoid serving the Bond with the Govt...(or not)!
Don't be discouraged tho, we can still be our true crude selves about these discussions, thats fo sure, thats what makes us truly 'unique' and gorgeous' and...okay, enough flattering you nutters.

world peace man, world peace and harsher corporal punishment for parole violators,

over and out,


salty said...

I love reading blogs from other countries! Fasi'd!?! what is that? Sounds like a cool word but maybe I don't want to know...

Yes, the blogging community holds lots of potential. even if we all don't get our shit together in one big voice we help to educate ourselves about each other - which is why I try and read blogs from all over the world.

The Samoan blogs are entertaining to me cause I like trying to figure out the words you use. They also show me more of who you are. If we all continue to read and write to blogs from other countries we can help to see what is really going on somewhere instead of what the news channels try and show us all the time.

I notice some of my friends who haven't traveled are genuinely frightened of people in countries that the media paints as bad. When i travel I mostly see people who are trying to get through their day, who want to try and get goods things for their lives. There are not enough hours in the day to constantly wage war on others.

tel said...

Salty has a good point in how the media can be a bad thing at times. Like when they make matters seem worse than they really are. And like how in NZ, if a sports person from Samoa does really well over there, they are referred to as NZer, but if someone of the same background does something bad, they're all of a sudden, the Samoan or the Tongan. Anyway....

Suga, I think you have a good idea brewing in that big brain of yours, hehe.
Seriously, was thinking the same thing. I mean, everyone contributes to each others lives and days in different ways. You pretty much learn something new all the time and what better way to make use of the information and experiences we share than to share them with others so that they know they are not alone, or they know what they can do in the same situation etc. You know where I am going with that so I won't go any further.
What exactly though are you thinking of doing? Setting up a website? Going back home? You've got me very interested now...and whatever it is you are planning, sounds like a good cause and will offer my support in any which way I can, just let us know.

Take care suga, fa laia

Goddess of Savaii said...

In that case, please send all donations to account number 01234-34490, name: FOtu Jackson,
Purpose:Save the dolphins and world domination.


nope, nothing phenomenal as such,I'm just worried that we are wasting our precious minutes on earth bitching about a$$wipe bosses and bad hair days, and we forget that there are people in SOmalia and Samoa that are trying to make ends meet.

Now don't fret, it don't mean we all turn into Mother theresa/lady diana combos overnight,but rather,...i'm giving you all the chance to brew something great from our blogs...ideas welcome.

Salty, fasi is get beaten up...same word you use when you refer to a referee, i.e when your team is losing, FASI da ref.

well, that was a daft example, sorry but you get the point,..hehe,..

tel, yes, i will keep you now, are part of the greater scheme of fings.

i luv that you guys actually though about what i wrote...its it so preedifoolll????



tel said...

sowwy hon, i didn't mean monetary donations as we are already putting a dollar a day away for a our bub, ha ha har.

Well any idea is better than no idea a ea. And you're right, so many peeps back home are struggling.

I think for me the most annoying thing is the fact that people apply for loan after loan to pay off loans they have with another bank without proper credit checks to ensure they are not digging themselves and their families into a hole, wages are crap, and society seems to encourage the damn never ending cycle. And now, the commercially driven ways of the west, is now also adding to the strain of providing for families, to feed already fattened church leaders, fork out excessive amounts for faalavelave, might I add, money they don't have in the first place, to then be encouraged to splurge on unnecessary items for White Sunday and the lot. I know they hold workshops on how to make money from handicrafts and to take advantage of the tourism sector etc. Are there any workshops being held in the villages on how to save and invest??? Hmm, getting myself all worked up over this topic, probably because it was sad thing to see while I was working at the bank back there.


I reckon having a website/magazine/newsletter - whatever it may be, where people can access info about all sorts of info provided by our fellow bloggers aswell as being a forum for us to bitch about our daily lives would be awesome. hehe, but yeh, that's just a thought. Whaddayathink aye??!!

Se ou alu e fai se lunch ua mole le magava.

buh bye for now :)

dasifi said...

Going thru the above comments it's amazing o see the kind of innovating ideas that can sprout from one well placed question.

Malo Fotu this has really peeked my interest too as IT the so called Information high way at present caters seems dispense information mainly coming from the developed or developing countries. There is very little on the web about the lives of those who live in the so called "third world" uggh I sincerely dislike that terminology. Lets rephrase that "there is little emphasis on the every day struggles of the people. The focus of most material is on the probs the govts and respective economies are facing mostly with no apparent solutions.

Whatever it is that you are hoping to set up I hope it will bring to the forefront the many difficult issues that our people and those of other small islands (whether they be in the Pacific or Mediterranean)are facing. Financial Constraints, Perpertuation of the Lending/Borrowing Cyle like what Tel suggested.

We may not be experts but like u said if we can spend a few minutes to put in our 2 cents who knows someone out there may benefit from our random ramblings. Just ask Nydz she's gotta a thing or 2 to say about Finance
All great ideas not only need wings but landing gear as well so fly girl I speak for myself but I am pretty sure the rest of our little blogging community will be honored to lend u their support.

Shark Girl said...

about your ICT...have you ever tried asking your cousin Ilu? He's an exec member of the IT society. He lives and breathes IT. He'd be your best option for info. I think. When he's not busy saving the world and showing Misa how to use excel. Hehe.

Goddess of Savaii said...

nydz, can you gimme Illu's email please...on this site, don't worry about confidentiality either, we might just be doing him a favour and gettin'him a hot teine from Belarus,.whada'ya know...ICT works wonders for my cuddie.
yeah, I didn't know he's on the Committee,...i need a copy of the Samoa ICT strategies but getting nowhere, I emailed Fuatai and no response, I asked Miss Samoatel Fotu who reckons reesa might have an electronic copy somewhere...anyhow, i would luv to get thru to Ilu.
OKay, thanks for the answers, its all very helpful and giving me more questions as i read through your comments...faafetai lava!!

manuia taualumaga o le aso

Shark Girl said...


And puhlease...don't alert him to your blog...coz then he'll find mine. LOL.

Shark Girl said...

I think I have enough meaning in my daily meanderings. If I have to use more than brain cells on writing my blog, I might as well do some work. Lol.

Anyway, what is the real issue?? The lack of technology in Samoa's rural areas? Our lacklustre attempts to bring the entire country into the age of ICT?

I think that creating the Information Techology Society was an excellent idea. However, as your average Samoan citizen I am not sure how it works? I know they have weekly quizes/q&a in the Samoan Observer...which is quite informative. I know what google means, how it came about, what kilobytes and gigabytes are etc.

In my Malie family, there are only two computer literate people - myself and my husband. One cousin works as a truck driver and the other is a joiner. They have no dealings with computers in their work. I have an 18 year old brother-in-law who goes to school at Avele College. He knows how to play computer games and use word...and that is the extent of his computer knowledge. Now my question is, why does he not know the computer basics?? Avele College is a prominent high school in Samoa. They should provide enough computer training to their students. They say there are not enough resources to provide this. Aha...another issue. Why is the government not assisting in this area? Or are they? Or are preferences given to Samoa College and Leifiifi College only? I know private schools have computer libraries like RLSS to help their students.

But to answer your questions in your previous post...
1. My experience with ICT is wholly in the workplace and previously from school. I would think the fact that we had a computer at home and that my mother was eager to have the latest technology (out of curiosity and a real desire to garner information from the internet and email her family overseas) really helped me to be computer literate. In UPY and university, I couldn't do an assignment with the use of a computer, or research without the use of internet. Now with work, it's the same thing. My work is totally based at my computer.

2. I've heard of these Millenium Development Goals but that's about the extent of my knowledge. I think they have them in every ministry here but how they are implemented beats me.

3. Internet at Siusega yeah. I go on every night I'm upload images online, download games, read news, check email etc

4. Seriously, what needs to be improved is the amount of awareness. Strategies to get ICT out into the village setting. Provide training at primary level for the kids. Remember, a child's brain is like a sponge. This is the level where you should introduce them to computers. You also need to improve on attitudes. How people will react to ICT. Like it's not all about internet and porn. Inform them on the advantages...the wondrous advantages. And of course, the lousy internet connection.

*inhale deeply*

ia fa laia

Goddess of Savaii said...

nyds, i wont alert your brada to your blog...or mine, coz then he'll tell your mom who'll tell my mom to the CNN, ABC and next thing you know, the Toeina will call me again and accused me of being a disgrace to the family name...i mean, hello, last time that happened i ran off and got married, so yeah forget it.heh

thank you again tel, dasifi, fotu V, and shark girl for your comments.

Shark Girl said...

yeah who knows what you'd do this time. run off and have an affair. har!

fotu of samoa said...

hello again mizz fotuosamoa...

Well, I've given you an excessive amount of what I think about ICT via email (hehe) but I do appreciate your point that there is a lot of untapped potential in ICT that WE can act on. Although I do reserve my right to rant about my bad hair days and bosses... hehe. A girl needs to rant. Har har.

A suggestion perhaps would be to set up a separate blog - just for the hard core life changing stuff. Like a forum that us indebendant womens can discuss matters and (god forbid) actually do something about it.

Just an idea - to discuss or to discard. No pulesa.

Manuna le aso,

Fotu V

Goddess of Savaii said...

kau mai poo lea le igoa o le blog Fotu, i likes the idear.
yeah, and thanks for the thesis you emailed me....dop manatu o le virgo mai vaisala.

gikia, airena affair, o lea e lelei lava le service i igei, heh, i like a lot, hehe

Peachy.. said...

Hey Fotu,
Check out, I don't if you found it yet or not.. Fa..

fotu of samoa said...


I meant starting a separate blog here on blogspot. One specifically for the purposes of expressing views on important issues relevant to us/ our people etc.. We can all be contributors to the blog, each taking turns to post up. Like our own Women of Samoa forum. Kind of like what we're doing now on separate blogs but having a single point of call might be good.

Chus a suggest.

Fai fai malie le aso :)