Saturday, May 06, 2006

Miss Samoa New ZEaland winner, and whatever else i can recall,...

it's official, Josie Fuimaono won Miss Samoa New ZEaland tonite at Manukau.

10 priddifool girs competed for the crown.,

I personally picked 2 other girls to win, but as always, i guessed wrong...might have something to do with smirnoff green apple and limonada la lea, but nevermind, it was a nice line up, 5 girls even get to compete for miss asia pacific.

cindy was a drawcard, she did an item involving the usual hip-thrust towards the NZ government representative in the crowd.

jubine did some girl's traditonal wear,...basically same thing from last year and the year before that,...ruby taituuga style.

Peter tamasese did the talent for one girl whose name was something like Van Hoe...??? She was so friggin' gorgeous...and danced her siva like the dancers from the 70's ...stunning gal.

and then came the interview:
Emcee: If you were to be transformed into an animal, what would it be and why?
Contestant: I would be a parrot, because in Samoa in the olden days, parrots feathers are used for making fine mats and there was no need to dye the feathers like we do nowadays, thats why i want to be a parrot., i asked my drunken neighbor, 'so, she wanted to be a parrot so she could get plucked?'
thank God for Smirnoff apple flavoured vodka


Shark Girl said...

LOL @ the parrot. Shat that's funny. So typical of those pageant airheads. That's why it was refreshing to have people like you answering the interviews intelligently. Har. There's your flattery for the day.

And bloody go change your settings so we can click on your comments on your posts you egg.

Goddess of Savaii said...

sorry doll, am working on the comments thing now...somehow its all going to my emails and clooging that up...lemme fix'et,,..!!

Goddess of Savaii said...


Goddess of Savaii said...

okay, nydz

it works now you cow cow

dasifi said...

What's up with the "I wanna be a parrot so that my feathers can be used for fine mats!*"...why not be an animal that people wanna hug, kiss, take care of and not wanna kill any time soon. There are so many other cute and interesting animals other thab cats & dogs which we all know in Hamoland are not always at the top of TLC list

Why do contestants always feel that they have to give safe answers why not a kicka** one like "I wanna be an eagle, strong and immaculate with a 3d vision can soar the heavens and swoop down on unsuspecting victims in a flash..."

They can symbolic of the modern way woman (never mind the fact that most species are endangered) but it would be fun just to throw the judges off for a second.

But what do I know the only contests I've participated in have nothing to do with beauty, poise, brains just how fast you can devour a gigantic plate of food. Never won anything but I get a nice feed everytime.

supasta said...

hey man....
you know i honestly thought dat gurl who won..Josephine??..i thought she was a draq queen or dude..there were other nice gurls..but oh well..
magaia a'u kala..pei a o le keige aulelei foi a it i like it...hehe

Goddess of Savaii said...

jen, delay lega faaipoipoga ae gofo e ke alu i le kauvaga this year...seriously man, ..well, maybe your hubs wont approve but hey...faikalia lava makou ma dasifi ma nyds ma fai ou ofu...heheh ae sponsor oe e le bad billys...
oh, i saw your friend carvin yesterday, he's at uni here in waikato...buhlieve or not,,,he's the samoan association president....oh yes, the fate of the association is in his drunken hands!!!

supasta said...
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SAMJAY!!! said...

Hey there Fotu - its SAMJ (you'll figure it out -hehe!)

Just thought I'd add my two cents worth to your blogging and say..that while I was not a money was on Vanhou Lolesio to take out the Miss Samoa NZ title this year. I don't know put the nail in the coffin for her, but such is life.
Speaking of judges...Me thinks there oughtta be NEW judges next year - a ea?
Congrats to Josiefina Fuimaono-Sapolu and she'll do well. She's not a drag..she's beautiful. So, lets just rally behind her and make sure that Samoa is kind to the Miss Samoa NZ and all other Miss Samoa's from overseas!
With that said...Manuia le laasaga o le vaiaso...Moumea!

Goddess of Savaii said...

SAMJAY honey, you fink i was a gonna struggle to guess who you are you priddifol??

yes, i thought vanhoe was a gorgeous girl,...she has those faces that are so finely chiselled into place, i swear Leonardo Da Vinci could do her no justice.

I think her traditional wear was a little 'frumpy' to say the least.

her talent was for me the best!
okay, enuff of that, i don't wanna sound like i have a crush on her or anything!
i thought the 1st runner up was pretty and nice figuration but a little cocky.
but never mind....and yeah, sorry i was outside most of the tyme finishing out trinks, the way, we did take our trinks in...duhduhhhh,thats what big handbags are for???

take care darlin and fanks for visiting.


oh, one last fing...i visited the auckland museum and apparently parrot feathers were traded from the fijians, and not in samoa...maybe my information is downright wrong...sowwwweee

SAMJAY!!! said...

No..I didn't think it was going take you long at all to figure me out..(with your wise and all knowing Wonder Woman powers! haha)...

Yes - you're right! Vanhou's traditional wear was a little 'frumpy' (to say the least)...I think the 'tuiga' killed it. (by the way, I understand that you're making tuiga's?)

This whole blogging thing is pretty cool. Had I known you were the 'hard-core' blogger...I would've visited a lot sooner! hehehehe!


Goddess of Savaii said...

blame my blog obsession on government funded broadband and unmotivating work in the office.
i mean, or type minutes?
blog or clean my desk?
blog or go outside?

uh oh,..i have a a addicted., or should i say the turth, I'm "addictive".
okay i better shadup before i dig a deeper hole...hehe

SAMJAY!!! said...

Hey there FOTU..

So, I'm back...and I've updated my blogs! Whew! I thought I wasn't ever going to find the time. But I have, so I've done the most sensible thing and posted more close to five new blogs! lol!

Good luck!

SAMJAY!!! said... I'm back! Whew I thought I wasn't ever going to be able to find the time. BUT I HAVE! lol.

So, I've done the sensible thing Fotu and posted five new blogs in my blogger. Have fun!


Samjay has a new blogger...hahaha!
(Yes, I know...ka'aka'a solo and then come back with a new blogging



Sherry said...

Referring to the first comment - 'airheads?'

Many of the girls who compete in the Miss Samoa/Nz happen to be well educated. For e.g. Josephina was already a lawyer when she won Miss Samoa NZ that year.

And it is quite hard to answer a simple question like that in front of hundreds of people, knowing that you are being judged not only on your answer, but your emotional control and poise when answering it.

Don't be too quick to judge please.

Sherry Elekana

Miss Samoa 2007-2008