Wednesday, May 17, 2006

ICT in Samoa

I need to pick your brains...yes, i'm talking to you, Nydz, Fotu(who also happens to be in the midst of ICT), Reesa, tel, Jen, relle, mex and other samoan young preddifools out there.

Don't say you don't know ...coz you do, youre a victim of ICT right about now!

The issue: ICT and Youth.

now now, don't click away from this entry please, just becoz it's not drama don't mean youre gonna stray into cyberpubs and cyberparties.

Stay with me. Se'i faaaoga ai kou braincells ga o loo kafafao i legei kaimi:

ICT and Samoa

As a young berson, what has been your experience with ICT, Information Communication Technology?

Secondly, Are you aware of the Millenium Development Goals regarding ICT or MDG at all?(don't be shy to admit not,...that aiight, i'm just learning damn it! hehe)..

Do you have Internet at home?

What needs to be improved?

okay, thats enough questions for now, but please please give me some feedback, i'll happily copy it in this post as constructive ideas. and you'll win a Tropny (or not).




Shark Girl said...

1. My experience with ICT is limited to my daily emails and blogs and surfing the internet.

2. Whaaaa? What MDGs? Nope never even heard of them.

3. Yep I have internet at my home but not at Malie

4. What needs to be improved about what? My internet at home? The lousy connection.

Ok ok! I will give you a more substantial answer when I've finished this crap sitting on my desk k.

Omega & Alex said...

1. I use it to find out more information on anything (too lazy to go to library) also I am hooked to check my email everyday meaning communication with family and friends and now to read on others' blogs and write my own.
2. I am NOT aware of any Millenium Development Goals or under that name anyway, I know though that the software co.s and govts are really cracking down on making the internet safer and making people responsible for what they put on there. So anonymity may not be possible in the near future on the internet! eeek
3. Yes I have internet at home.
4. What I said in number 2 needs to be improved..making people responsible for what they post online regarding terrorist activities, porn, paedophilia and eliminate all those bad bad people out there. Ishalla

dasifi said...

We have but nine years left to achieve the MDG's almost all of them aiming at targeting extreme poverty and ICT is one of the strategies. We still have some ways to go but hopefully at least in part more and more people will have access to crucial information.

I don't know things are back home right now in regards to the Internet but Nydia, Fotu n Jenz's connection seem to be just I had internet when I was back home my main hiccup was the slow connection as it was a dial up external modem. My computer had an internal modem but our ISP provider could not get it to work maybe they can do it by now as it is 3 years later.

It is good to hear that the number of cyber cafes are increasing in Samoa my only worry is the policing of materials people can access on line.

Though information is knowledge ensuring that children will not access sites that promote violence and pornography must be a concern for internet providers.

Not every home in Samoa has a personal computer but it would be nice if there was a public service to provide computer classes even ifs its just the basic skills for those who wish to learn how to use the computer.
As children are more likely to come in contact with computers in school the program should target parents and other groups who otherwise will not have the opportunity.
Wish I could help u some more girl but for my I have very little knowledge on how things are back home. There was this girl that went to our Uni who is supposedly now teaching IT at the NUS maybe she can help you out. She's Nydia's friend *smiles* Edna Temese. her email addy is
Take care n Best of Luck with your research.

Goddess of Savaii said...

thank you thank you for your response, i'm absorbing all this..and its rather thought provoking, i.e. meaning i will keep asking you more questions about ICT.

A few years ago, the Lotu Taiti (CCC of Samoa) encouraged churches to introduce computers to their villages.

In my village, the reverend's place has been converted into a computing class every week. with Simon teaching Basic Microsoft applications,...yeah, pisshead Simon in the house of God, teaching innocent sheperds to upload images, hehe..oh yes, ICT has its twisted ironies.

But back to the issue at hand,

There is an ICT Committee in Samoa, chaired by Fuatai Purcell, they drew up the ICT Stategies a few years back among IT stakeholders in Sachic.
The whole idea is to embrace the changes and ensure we are not being left behind.
And frankly, I take my hat/TUIGA ILAILA(yes, i'm a sacrificial goddess) off to people like her (fuatai) and Oketevi, (BOTH WOMEN RUNNING THE ICT SHOW, YAY!!!) for their role in highlighting the plight of third world countries.

But then, i worry, oh yes, i fret and worry, when their work is not continued.

And yet, we have so much potential, look at the calibre of bloggers who frequent these cyberalleys, theyre bilingual, intelligent(most of the time when theyre not bitching hehe) and not afraid to speak their mind,
so what are we waiting for?

ANd more importantly, why are we not channelling our potentials into credible and worthy platforms?

Are we to be blamed?
Do we point a finger at the ones running the show?
Do we wait for them to care or should we initiate, take action, be proactive and be responsible?

I'm sure you guys are rolling your eyes now and thinking, Fotu please get back to lipstickchat and bitchfesting', well, i will, thats for sure, but at the same time, why don't we put meaning into these daily blog meanderings???

I need your thoughts, and seriously, I need your feedback,..i.e. imagine if dasifi comes up with the new topic next week and we all must comment on it, then nydia fronts up with a pressing issue the following week, ??(in-law complaints not allowed cuzz)
Don't be discouraged tho, we can still be our true crude selves about it, thats fo sure, thats what makes us 'spethial preddifuul'

world peace man, world peace and harsher corporal punishment for parole violators,

over and out,


tel said...

haha, sowwy, been hiding under a rock this past week so haven't been online as much as I would have liked.
Anyway, in response to your questions, I've heard of the millenium development goals, but never really paid much attention to them.
My experience with the internet has mainly been to keep in touch with the familia and friends who I am usually slack on catching up with when I can. Also use it to find jobs, all sorts of information and good bargains, aswell as a form of entertainment.
From what I saw when I was helping run Java Lounge, people of all ages and backgrounds used the internet for research, communication with the outside world, hollywood gossip, promoting their businesses, and so forth. The connecton can be slow back home, and it can be very expensive to access user pay internet when you don't have it in your own home.
I know for a fact that Samoa has access to the means to have faster internet speeds, at good prices, the only problem is when it will be rolled out and how will they make it affordable and accessible for the average joe, which I am sure are issues already tied up in political red tape.
I also think that with the good comes the bad, and that we need not only educate our people in ways to keep up with the world, and use ICT to our advantage, but we also need to make sure there are safety measures in place so that problems that developed countries are facing such as online paedophiles, and such are minimised, as I am sure we won't be able to fully protect our society....or can we????
Anyway, hope this helps :)
Not even sure I was making any sense being that I just got up, haha.
Ia, ok, laters, will be checking back as to where this is all headed. All the best and have a nice day suga!

supasta said...

Fotu dear, my understanding about ICT is restricted to my researches, daily emails, networking, downloading, shopping and surfing of course..

MDGs?????....uuummm…heard about it a while back but don’t think its gonna happen any time soon.

Yep I have internet at home
Samoa – hecka slow…I have no patience for the annoying slow connection at all ..I’m surprise I haven’t gone karazy with dial up connection here. But strob ur least we have mea omiomis in our beluffed homes huh.. and even tho its slow..i know we are developing slowly and sooner or later we wont have dial ups no more. and yes i support Dasifi's suggestion about more computer Papa always said Computers are the future..and i know its true..sooner or later..everything will have to be done thru computers..doncha fink??and it'll be good to teach our youngsters the basics, or everything they need to know (if can CAN no can NO CAN)

anyways the connection in Hawaii- oh I lurve it..y u fink im online all the time..hehe..nah..its really and very rewarding. That’s why I’m failing becoz I spend too much time surfing, exploring, shopping online and downloading songs and movies, instead of doing assignments and stuff..jks..So you see, it has its good and its bad. It’s all up to us to be responsible and be cautious with what we use it for..NO mean, isn;t dat the most talkable issue there is with the internet these dayz...??

What needs to be improved???....uuummmm..the slow connection in Samoa of course. Plz before I go karazy

cheers suga..and good luck wit your research and all

over and out