Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Samoa 1902-1905

Otto Tettens was based in Samoa at the Mulinuu Observatory in its infancy.

He took stunning images while he lived in Mulinuu, these images are part of an exhibition held in Samoa, organised by Herwig and Christiane Niggemann.
Otto was good friends with Mataafa Iosefa, and here is a photo which tells an interesting story. Herwig showed me details in this photo that suprised me.
The framed document on the wall is from the Kaiser at the time, also note the expensive german suitcase on his side, the grandfathers clock behind the shelf.
Mataafa was Catholic, thus the statue of Virgin Mary mounted.
Herwig also tells of a german family who saw the exhibition and informed them that they have that exact tapa cloth at home!!!

Christianne Niggemann's grandfather is Otto's brother, and she (with husband Herwig) have travelled to Samoa on several occasions.

To view these, go onto

My favourite of the collection is this picture, of the Samoan Government in 1904.

It would be so so awesome if we could identify all of the people in this picture.
So after the Festival this weekend, i'm gonna do some digging, but for now...if your great grand father was in Parliament in 1904, or if you know any of these people, or have access to this information...please drop me a line or email,

Interesting Fact: Did you know that traditional samoan fales were thatched with sugar cane leaves?
Sugarcane leaves have a longer lifespan on your roof than the commonly used niu olo tuma.
And if i won the lottery tomorrow, i will hired 50 samoans and the best tufugas to grow thousands of sugarcanes on tiafau, demolish the parliament house and build myself a nice sugarcane thatched fale samoa, and a bar attached to the side..Utopia matey...utopia...
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