Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Bavaria with Maria

On my last two days in Germany, i decided i was weary of babysitting so i left matile with the stuttgart samoans and caught the first train out to kemptem where my friend Maria awaited me in the freezing cold, with the snow up to her knees

maria's family own a farm in dietmannsreid, they own 30 cows and huge farmlands that were covered with snow when i was there, despite the language barrier with Maria's folks speaking no english and myself speaking crap german, we still managed to hold a conversation which flowed on for hours while we drank home made schnapps of every flavour, sweetness, bitterness and strength, nothing below 20%!!!

maria used to live in NZ for 4 years. in waikato. in the wop wops. working crazy hours with frenchy at waitoa microbiology lab. frenchy called her 'germania' one day, and it stuck, so when i called her from bochum, i was like 'Germania?' and she knew there and then, that someone from Waikato had landed in Deutchland.


Shark Girl said...

ok like what the fark are you doing there??? lucky bitch.

Goddess of Savaii said...

e pitch,

i went to take matile tausili, the star search singer to get her voice assessed/auditioned i siamagi. was there for 2 weeks..of course, oga mai lava lou sis i le amataga se ia oo i le taimi na ou afio mai ai i le vaalele la lea...seki lava mea inu a le au menti...