Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Pasifika Festival, Pacific Trade Show, Opera Musical & Tahiti sexuality all in a week's work

The Pasifika Festival, with an attendance of more than 220,000 people this year was once again held at Western Springs.

Pati Levasa, 4 time world champ in fire knife dance competition performed with us for the Air New Zealand Opening Night.
FYI, I gave my camera to my 10 year old niece Gasolo Laban,,,thus the 'high' quality and peculiar angle of the photos..heh.

The Samoa Tourism Authority Dance Group again' performed.
But this year, instead of bringing uninformed female ditzers from sachic, we used samoan dancers here on the third biggest island in the samoan archipelago...Aukilani.

So only the 7 tattoed males and Miss Samoa travelled here, while the remaining 9 girls went straight home after Melbourne Commonwealth.
Of course, i'm not their favourite person right now, thanks to sending them back instead of a one week holiday in auckland. Let them hate, i don't kive a care.

Meanwhile, the auckland girls, of Sei Polynesia Dance Group did a marvelous job...and saved the struggling samoan taxpayer 30+ thousand on airfares, per diems and extra costs.

Here are some pix from the weekend....

Including one of the girls performing for Opeloge's Opera
'Aua e te tagi, Don't you cry' Original Samoan Opera
which featured Ben Makisi and Frieda Heidl from Austria..

The star of the show, 6 year old Samoan Selu Kian acted as a dying child from the Influenza that plagued Samoa and killed a considerable proportion of the population.
She was 'o' for awesome.,...next stop, oscar nomination!!

Pacific Trade Expo
held at Manukau Telstra Clear Events Centre.
All Pacific Islands included, most have travelled to Aukilani for this inaugural Pacific Trade Show.

David Vaeafe, Programme Manager Pacific Corporation Foundation, Falute Miss Sachic and Vaatuitui Apete Meredith Vice Consul, Trade, Samoa Consulate Office in front of the Tourism booth.

Falute and the boys after opening the first Pacific Trade Expo at Manukau.

Doing the fiacanada at the tourism booth, before trading started., that's aleki whose been dancing with sta for about 4 years now and has a palagi girlfriend to prove it, they met in geneva when we performed at the world summit on ict, and now the keige followed him to samore...a malamala age si keige i amioga le popoi a kama samoa ...kalofa, tsk tsk...

Tahiti, 'land oozing with virgin sexuality and masculine kinky savagery'
Tahitian Dance Emsemble
The Tahiti Dance Group were flown in by Tahiti Tourisme, (similar to our own deal where dancers travel to perform abroad) to perform for the Trade Expo.
If the (women's rights and cultural experts advocates) concern in the Pacific is to dispel Polynesian stereotype of polynesian women and sexuality, Tahiti is rowing their canoe the other way and taking the 'sexual' label in their stride.
It works.
The high male-female ratio of tourism arrivals prove this...

It is hard to keep a straight face when you have sweaty pelvises thrusted tho and from your facial hair, sweaty half naked tattoed men with g-strings visibly biting into their asscracks and young girls vibrating at 150kph to tantric drumbeats and screams of a ragged old chief,. Tahiti, land of sexual desires....

There is of course the call to promote what is truly 'cultural' when selling a destination, but what if that is simply ,..boring?
I'm biting my tongue here, especially because we do exactly what Tahiti is doing, 'spicing up our cultural presentation to suit the market', i.e we wear sleeveless puletasis, with figure hugging patterns and create dance moves and would be frowned upon in Savaii, but only when we're far away from home.
The difference is, we will keep the key aspects that make our country 'special' *pronounced in a handicapped sort of way*...i.e, we won't be sexually suggestive, nor would we mock our dances with hip hop adaptations just to humour the foreign crowd.
but then again, we have fUGGall in our marketing budget, Tahiti has sh!tloads, they can afford to play kinky on NZD$3.5 million per annum on travel costs.
Samoa, "land of crap tourism budgets and corrupt cabinet decision making"

Speaking of which, Nydia, if you think Polynesian Airlines have dramas with questionable managerial appointments, you aint seein' nothin' yet,...spend a day at tourism and you'll learn that 1. life is about keeping yo dramas to yoself and yo momma and 2. youre only safe if your uncle is the boss - preferably.. otherwise, have an affair with the boss.
i do the first thing well, my momma will vouch for that, and my uncle hates the boss but the thought of an affair makes me wanna slit my wrists and mix it with my qfshot.
now theres a combination to get me toasted.
but back to more pix from Tahiti, 'land of repressed polynesians and playground for perverted greedy frenchmen'
Lastly, i leave you with this *~~If sex sells, why is Kroad fraught with grafitti, leaky buildings and derelict meth labs?~~*

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Samoa 1902-1905

Otto Tettens was based in Samoa at the Mulinuu Observatory in its infancy.

He took stunning images while he lived in Mulinuu, these images are part of an exhibition held in Samoa, organised by Herwig and Christiane Niggemann.
Otto was good friends with Mataafa Iosefa, and here is a photo which tells an interesting story. Herwig showed me details in this photo that suprised me.
The framed document on the wall is from the Kaiser at the time, also note the expensive german suitcase on his side, the grandfathers clock behind the shelf.
Mataafa was Catholic, thus the statue of Virgin Mary mounted.
Herwig also tells of a german family who saw the exhibition and informed them that they have that exact tapa cloth at home!!!

Christianne Niggemann's grandfather is Otto's brother, and she (with husband Herwig) have travelled to Samoa on several occasions.

To view these, go onto http://www.niggemann.de/samoaobservatory100/index6.htm

My favourite of the collection is this picture, of the Samoan Government in 1904.

It would be so so awesome if we could identify all of the people in this picture.
So after the Festival this weekend, i'm gonna do some digging, but for now...if your great grand father was in Parliament in 1904, or if you know any of these people, or have access to this information...please drop me a line or email jtiatia@yahoo.com,

Interesting Fact: Did you know that traditional samoan fales were thatched with sugar cane leaves?
Sugarcane leaves have a longer lifespan on your roof than the commonly used niu olo tuma.
And if i won the lottery tomorrow, i will hired 50 samoans and the best tufugas to grow thousands of sugarcanes on tiafau, demolish the parliament house and build myself a nice sugarcane thatched fale samoa, and a bar attached to the side..Utopia matey...utopia...
Faafetai lava,


Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Bavaria with Maria

On my last two days in Germany, i decided i was weary of babysitting so i left matile with the stuttgart samoans and caught the first train out to kemptem where my friend Maria awaited me in the freezing cold, with the snow up to her knees

maria's family own a farm in dietmannsreid, they own 30 cows and huge farmlands that were covered with snow when i was there, despite the language barrier with Maria's folks speaking no english and myself speaking crap german, we still managed to hold a conversation which flowed on for hours while we drank home made schnapps of every flavour, sweetness, bitterness and strength, nothing below 20%!!!

maria used to live in NZ for 4 years. in waikato. in the wop wops. working crazy hours with frenchy at waitoa microbiology lab. frenchy called her 'germania' one day, and it stuck, so when i called her from bochum, i was like 'Germania?' and she knew there and then, that someone from Waikato had landed in Deutchland.