Sunday, February 12, 2006

tuiga, do you like???

Just an update reagrding my tuigas as I am getting a lot of wonderful enquiries about them.
Yes, I do make them now that I have a lot more time on hand.
Please email me at if you are interested.

manuia le aso,

(2012 April) I made this one with one tusk in mind and go given the second boar's tusk, and I love it so much I think I'm going to make the tusk a compulsory part of my tuigas....(errr, unless you don't want?)

With real hair, which i was able to mount onto the tuiga

 Overnight job: Six tuigas for the Lau Delegation all the wa from Samoa to cheer on Samoa vs Wales in Hamilton. They lost, but the tuigas were a hit, so who cares about the game.
 Susana Tuiga
 Close up of Susana's Tuiga, made of afa, ie toga, dyed wooden beads and mother of pearl shell.

 Used the last of the siapo that I have owned since 1999...): so I might not sell this one.

 The most beautiful tuiga I've done, to date (if I should say so meself, heh) for none other than Verenetia herself, Queen of Dubai.

 Fuatino wearing the tuiga I took home for my family to lend around because there is always a need for one....lets see how long it lasts before it 'mysteriously' dissapears. Note, i refeathered this one to this tacky red for CJ's Po Ula red themed hens night, otherwise, i would usually not touch this red for a serious tuiga.

 Taupous at Hong Kong Sevens, Maria of SIN, Mex of MCT and Netia of DXB.

Close up of the my):Netia's baby

Email me at if you are interested.

or like my very scruffy Facebook page where i will (attempt) to update pics of every tuiga I complete)...and please please please, if I have made one for you, can you please email me a photo of it with the taupou wearing it?


brandanmafua13 said...

this is a really nice Tuiga! shoot well my cousin is having her grad party soon and i need to make her a think you could give me some instructions on how to make one like that? please reply.thanks (:

kalola said...

What a beautiful tuiga! I am representing Samoa in a school pageant and I was wondering if you were selling any tuiga. You can reach me at Thanks!

kalola said...

What a beautiful tuiga! I am representing Samoa in a school pageant and was wondering if you were selling any tuiga. You can reach me at Thanks!

Polinetia Fa'atasi mai Tokoroa said...

Could you please email me at to teach me how to make one of these please.

Anonymous said...

Hey :)
Im doing a research on Samoan traditional costumes for school and one particular question in my research is how a Tuiga is prepared.
Please it would really be helpful if you could send me the preparation steps of making a Tuiga. I Love the way you created yours :)
thank you
take care
God Bless x

nomisyellow said...

OMG! this is such a beautiful tuiga! could you e-mail me at and teach me how to make one of these. I am a huge fan of Samoan dance and culture and would really appreciate it. Are you selling any of these tuigas?
Let me know as soon as possible plizzz!!
Fa'afetai lava!

Alefa said...

OMGoodness!! You have no idea that I've been looking all over the internet and googleling someone who specializes in making a kuiga for my daughter. Her graduation is next month on the 17th and she'll be doing her taupou dance on saturday the 21st. Can you direct me to your website that I can pay and order one for my daughter's grad party? Please? or just email us asap if we could order the whole taupou outfit. Please get back with us asap! :-) Thank you and we'll be relieved if you get back with us tonight or tmw morning. Beautiful job by the way.. do you have more pictures that showcase more of your work? our email is: thank you again!!!

Goddess said...

Talofa lava,
Please email me at and will be able to advise on tuigas
faafetai lava.

paea talanoa said...

Talofa lava.. plez I am in need of a tuiga an a whole taupou's outfit.. I have been lookin all over the website for this..I have a question I wanna ask?? I'm having a big sweet 16 bday for my daughter an she wants it to be island theme.. an i really wanna dress her in a taupou's outfit... is this alrite? Or am I Goin overboard? I wuld love my girl to be a taupou on her special day.. plez I wuld love to hear from u soon?