Thursday, February 09, 2006

15th -19th Feb next week

Hi pipol,

Just a note, that my phone will be switched off for 2 wks while im in Germany
I'll be in Bochum, Germany with matile for her auditions starting next Wednesday.

Fleur: your hotmail is full, fool...get gmail.
i'll call you from germany, i hope you still have the old # that ends with 0431.
okay, adios

We plan to go meet the Samoans in Stuttgart while there, from 23-25 or 26th...prolly do a show for them...a lava a le petru e all show faasoloadoa....hehehe

okay, i'll be checking my account on the trip....
luff u all.


Schedule: 15/02/06 Leave AKL-BKK-FRA
16/02/06 Arrive FRA, catch train to BOchum Hbf
Meet and stay with Christiane and Herwig Niggemann
17/02/06 Settle in. prepare for tomorrows meeting
18/02/06 1400: Meet Dr Micheal Mills, Essen Folkwang Academy.
Brewery Invitation
21/02/06 1100:Second Audition with Dr Vogel Musikhochule Detmold
22/02/06 Train to Stuugart to Mapu Siupapa, Charles Tobins, Leutu Jaschke
24/02/06 Charles Birthday in Stuttgart

To include: Visit Maria Weixler, call Ulf Weiss from Orchard Park, Call Fleur, call Jackie and Marion, reconfirm tickets, charge camera,

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