Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Savaii Samoa DEC 05-06

We spent 3 weeks in Samoa from early Dec - 2nd January 2006.
Omega's wedding was on 17th Dec at Safua, awesome time had by all!
Spent some time with the Hilbrons as well, going to Tanu and Palauli, swimming at Olemoe waterfall and taking them to see a brief demo of tapa making with Faamuli.
Partied with Sela, Filo, Aiden, Alice, Athene, etctc, pretty happening at Paddles, but we opted for Blue Lagoon more than once,...less crowded, less 15 year olds hehe..old hags!
spent plenty of time at aggies coz most of the wedding guests were there before going to Savaii.
what else,...Gui and I rented Rev Solomona's Kia and did the trip around Savaii, staying overnight at Safotu(with Lucia and aiga), next nite at Falealupo Tai with Ausega and aiga, last nite at Satuiatua at Mate's...awesome time,...

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