Sunday, December 11, 2005

Omega and Alex Jackbron Wedding

Omega and Alex's Wedding

Held at Safua, in the about dramas trying to organise a Samoan wedding without the full-on faasamoa galore.
Omega and Alex wanted that, and i take my hat off to Omega for managing to hold the floodgates, heheh, big floods at that.
Anyhow, the wedding happened on a glorious Saturday afternoon.
Everything was nicely decorated, everyone was prepped for a fun party and even the priest stayed and sang along while his wife played the ukulele...

anyhow, as samoans usually do things in the last stretch of a second, we were rushing and behind schedule. i had a 2 minute shower (or less huh, shuddup, chalous cow), and saw that all the other bridesmaids (from now on called cinderella's step sisters) were all prim and perfected from the head to toe, (gorillas need a lot of help looking pureedy), we ran(not walked) to the bar area to start walking, i grabbed mega's dress tail,...(as you do when youre pretending to look busy) and relle tells me i'm not the maid of honor? uuuh, ahem,-ahhh-there-must-be-some confusion ummm okay, i'll just blend into the toilet right here, biatch. i was gonna throw a tantrum but the music just came on, and bless my beautiful sister Omega, i didnt wanna ruin my pretty buttercup two piece emsemble gathered with lace from the middle east and sewn to perfection by a 9 year old in Oman. so i smiled and fucked off to the back of the bridesmaid queu.

anyhow, as the wedding continued, the priest sang, the waiters fell over trays, the beers were emptied, the father of the groom cried, the emcee stuttered, the cameraman cried 'hometime' and landed on our dog, the deejay cracked a coconut with his bare hands after dropping it on his toe, the village boys swigged from imported champagnes and the bride? the bride remained composed dancing her siva under a stunning starry nite, as the crowd went ohhh, woooow...were there stars? i do not know.

all in all, Omega and Alex had a memorable and stunning celebration.
Salam Alemkum, Manuna!!!
See more gorgeous pictures from Omega and Alex's Wedding at Safua

our designated chaperone/camera man/nifo oki carrier/critic all rolled into taime bebe
no we're not gay, heh
Carlene under da banana tree...vaai i pa'u age se maguki..

oka....this is from last weekend..malo lava le faafiafia i le komiki a sakoolepai, heheh, ciao ciao

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