Saturday, November 19, 2005

To dance or not to dance

2 years ago, it was so very easy to just stroll to the samoan fale, adjust my lavalava and careessly move to the well prepared music, of the amplified guitar, ridiculous drum beats and irritating songs ; every other day of the week.
That 'was' my life as a dancer,. you simply dance, and get paid, dance and maybe a trip or two abroad, staying in posh hotels, dancing in any weather, snow, rain or heatwave, geneva, london, kalahari desert, kilamanjaro,..mars.. i'm sure if there's people (or martians) around we'd still be dancing ...'talofa le au faafofoga i lenei po'....

Fast forward to today, the sun is well hidden, the dancers are nowhere to be seen, and i'm calling around for gigs to sell the group to.
New Zealand, 20 NOvember 2005

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