Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Fagatele Beach: YOU MUST VISIT!!!

When i worked at STA, a very well spoken friendly old man named Pitovao came to ask for help with developing his family's beach-front location. This is in the village of Aufaga, on the eastern side of Upolu.
The sad bureaucratic truth is that he couldn't get any assistance from the highly qualified pro-palagi funds controlled by NZHC/Govt reps and private sector.

This poor guy was so determined to develop the place with the little resources he had.

Despite the financial setback, he and his family went ahead and continued cleaning the place up, growing fruit trees, building samoan fales, cutting through bush to create a track leading down a slight slope to the stunning beach below etc...so much effort but only a very very few ever go there, nor care that it exists,.

Now imagine if everyone that reads this, went to Samoa and spent a day at this paradise of a beach....boy, that'll make one hard working Samoan family very happy!!!!

For a pitiful charge of SAT3.00, that's approx $U.S1.20, you can be on your own at one of the most stunning spots in the Pacific, what the heck,...in the World!

Fagatele Beach
Phone: 41167.

Village: Aufaga, Lepa

Owner: Pitovao Aniva Faamoana

Entrance Fee: SAT3.00 per person.

Easily accessible from main road (5 minute walk), Fagatele is one of those beaches that you can have all to yourself without any disturbance.

High Chief Pitovao takes great care of visitors to the Beach and his extended family are eager to provide fresh cool coconuts and if it’s the season, sugarcanes and mangoes for the weary traveler.

Facilities include traditional Samoan fales that can be rented for day trips. If you would like to stay overnight, Please contact Pitovao in advance for special arrangement.
There are also secure car parks, clean restrooms, shower, with clean running water on site.

Experience Samoa,.. hospitable culture, vibrant colors, happy people, relaxing island experience and lush greenery at your comfort and safety.


Christopher said...

You idiot, this was where myself and hundreds of other American kids were beaten and kept for years. This is a place of immense pain and sorrow. THE FACT THAT THEY DIDN'T EVEN CHANGE THE NAME, shows the Samoans inability to accept responsibility for the pain they caused us.

Goddess of Savaii said...

polo, first of all, the place where they kept you, is the next bay from fagatele.
secondly, the programmes that YOUR rich parents sent you on, was coordinated by greedy Americans who employed Samoans to run it. I.e. AMERICAN money, american initiative, american botch-up
Lastly, why the hell should Samoa change the name of the beach that was there long before you arrived?
Be angry at your parents for not looking after you, not I. Be angry at this people who coordinated the programme, not I.
At the end of the day, I love the beach, thats what my fagogo is about. What happened to you there is sad and I am sad for you.
no disrespect intended matey.

Dawn said...

Is this the beach where you walk down what seems like 1000 steps to the fales on the beach and has fabulous corals there...if so stayed there in 1994..were only 3 fales on the beach then and beautiful with beautiful village people who presented us with plates of food ..how unusual NOT...had the best 21/2 yrs in Samoa