Sunday, November 27, 2005

Culture Moves: Dance in Oceania Conference

Among the interesting people i met, were Tamati Te Nohotu and Hokuala.
Firstly, Tamati is from GI, Auckland, Maori actor/artist who played Maui in a New Zealand show last year. On the last day, Saturday noon, he tells me that his mates are performing at the theatre across the road. So we skipped the performances at the Marae and ran to catch the show. The Little Shop of Horrors. The musical was just simply O for awesome. It was about a plant that grew and grew, feeding on human blood, until everyone was gobbled up. It was a great way to end three days of panels, dance and damp hostel beds.
Hokuala, is the lead dance of the group Kuautuaine (Polynesian Dance Company(USA), he's 23 and his mom is the leader of the group. Up until I met Hokuala in the hostel kitchen, I assumed the lady(his mom) was a 26 year old??? So i was so so shocked when he said 'That's my mom'..If only i can age like that!!! (i dont have a pic, sorry!!)...

Another highlight of the Conference was entertainment by Tofiga and Eteuati Ete. Tofiga was just hhhhhilarious. On my left is SUGARPOP from California, who was part of the group Lockers. He said two guys (from the Lockers) taught Micheal Jackson the moves, but when Micheal was asked by the media he responded that he learnt it from the 'children of the ghetto'.
He could have made the lives of two people better, but chose otherwise. what a dick!
With Dr Wendy Cowling, who was my Anthropology lecturer in Waikato University.
Dr. Grant McCall, from QUT also attended, I met him initially in Savaii in 1996 ish when he was with another professor Max Quanchi. Both recalled that they came to meet Mom after hearing that she was this rather strong traditional high chief of Savaii, but halfway through the interview, Mom got up and walked to the office, they asked her, what for? She answered: "Need to email my kids, and need to order a new modem, coz this one's had it ".

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