Thursday, February 01, 2018

Tuiga Season is ooooonnnnn!

It's Tuiga season.

Polyfest is on the 14th - 17th March 2018.

My cut-off date for tuiga orders is 28th Feb 2018.

Email me beforehand to place your order and please note, I am not hiring out or lending tuiga this year, only selling em.

If you want nifo oti, teuga - please contact me ASAP to prevent rushing at the last minute and disappointment.

Ma lo'u fa'aaloalo lava,

Tuiga by FotuoSamoa

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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Faalavelave epiphany

Faalavelave: I am beginning to truly understand the term - particularly in the last few months 🙂
It’s not so much a disturbance, or a special occasion that requires your attention and brings your family together.
Faalavelave is directly translated “To be tied up or tangled up” or to be more accurate, it’s when you try to live your life and then a thick invisible vine creeps and creeps up to you as you’re smiling and it slowly tangles or tackles you to the ground until you’re gasping for air and then you toss over money and suddenly, the creepy vine falls away until the next episode and you are once again, strangled to the ground.
So there, add to your dictionary of terms you really didn’t know you needed:
Faalavelave: The process of being strangled, over and over and then one day, you are six feet under and you sure as hell hope, that the vine will strangle others at the news of your passing😂

Monday, January 22, 2018

Is it ok to take a selfie with the deceased or dying?

It's Monday and I'm getting onto FB and two things are popping up:
Pics of people dying while people are having a selfie.
If the person has not consented to their image being taken, DO NOT TAKE THE SELFIE you dipshit.
Taking a selfie with someone who is extremely unwell or who has passed away might seem like your way of showing your love and care( Warped as it is, I understand that is your reason), but lest we forget, give them some dignity at least :(
It's interesting also this obsession with being the first to announce the passing of people first.
Ku'u lou fia maka muamua ae fa'aoga le pu o lou faiai.
Aifafaken ia sole

Friday, November 17, 2017

Tonga vs Samoa finest moment

We're in the midst of the Rugby League World Cup and the most exciting, most passionate and loudest is the #Matemaatonga supporter and their incredible team. 

I love that we see unity and celebration at the moment. 

I hate that mainstream media are only ever focussed on the few that get rowdy - its a frank reminder that despite everything, the system is tainted by the privileged lens of a few. 

In any case, it doesn't dampen the spirit for thousands who are getting amongst it. 

Hopefully by the next round, the rest of the other player will follow Taumalolo's lead and choose country over $$$.