Friday, November 17, 2017

Tonga vs Samoa finest moment

We're in the midst of the Rugby League World Cup and the most exciting, most passionate and loudest is the #Matemaatonga supporter and their incredible team. 

I love that we see unity and celebration at the moment. 

I hate that mainstream media are only ever focussed on the few that get rowdy - its a frank reminder that despite everything, the system is tainted by the privileged lens of a few. 

In any case, it doesn't dampen the spirit for thousands who are getting amongst it. 

Hopefully by the next round, the rest of the other player will follow Taumalolo's lead and choose country over $$$. 

Friday, November 10, 2017

I don't want to bend d' knee for this, so please, do it for the children

Every now and then, I make incredibly uninformed decisions like agree to do the last leg of the Head2Head walk.
For those of you who know me, I ain't your marathon fitness freak, so a lot of donuts and pork bellies had to remain untouched in the last week in preparation for this.
I only do shite like this because I see the incredibly worthy cause, every donation goes directly to growing food gardens in primary schools in our area of South Auckland.
Lots of primary schools have already benefitted from this and use their food gardens for meals and teaches the kiddies about healthy eating.
So, where do you come in?
- Donating of course before, just $5 will get me 50 steps closer to completing my 29kms and I won't fall on my face in shame. Refer link below.
- Or, Instead of donating, if you want something from me in return, you can get a:

- Pale/ei katu: $50.00
- A specially crafted eulogy lovingly made for you: $35.00.
- Your own copy of the banned saucy Fifty Shades of Savaii: $35.00
- A snapchat story about a woman buying a car and encounters with car salesmen: $15
- A tuiga of my choice: $200
- Mission Estate Winery Merlot on my desk right now: $30
- Post-it Flags: $5.00
- A siva samoa dance lesson: $50 + Donuts
- How to make a pale/ei katu session: $50 + wine
- Improving your CV: $25 + wine.
- A Truthful session about your dress sense: $15.
- How to introduce yourself in Samoan: $15
- A unique name for your baby: $20
Or anything else that's acceptable and doesn't require me to bend d' knee.

fa loa

Link below or Westpac 03-1500-0261359-000 EVERY CENT GOES INTO THE EVENT.
HeadtoHead Walk

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Most consistent blogging phases in ages

You, my one reader might have noticed that I've been updating heaps lately.

Well well, I've been updating because I am meant to finish my assignments and instead, am blogging.

I have zero motivation to complete it, so yah, such is life.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

When your faith blinds your humanity

Saw the case about the gospel singer from American Samoa  - read it yourself. 

Then I saw the thousands of comments in the original article, of people getting angry at why this poor man (the gospel singer) has been mistreated etc. 

I get that when this is happening to your loved one, you would be protective too. And yes, spare a thought for his poor family who are affected by this ): That's our nature. 

But please pause for about 5 seconds and get this: 

He assaulted a minor.  

Let justice prevail. 

I love our people's sense of family until it comes to sexual assault, then we bond together to protect our honour, our church, our village, our pride and we shit on the victim. 

Ua sese le mic lea ua pese ai le alii lea